YouTubing through the Alphabet {H-N}

Continuing on, we’ve made it to the letters H-N in our Youtubing Through the Alphabet series. Hope your preschoolers are enjoying learning their letters and letter sounds.

The Letter H

The Letter I

The Letter J

The Letter K

The Letter L

The Letter M

The Letter N**

Note: These videos are not mine. They are videos that I found on YouTube and put into play list for our personal preschool learning experience. If you have problems with the videos please contact the provider on Youtube directly.


  1. Ina lives inside an icy igloo on an iceberg in the cold and artic seas, lol I have a lot of these memorized. Alexander loves the ABCs he has been playing these videos over and over for years now. Although right now he is more into the Spanish alphabet.

  2. Isn’t it crazy how they attach to one thing and do it over and over again. I feel the same way about Good Night Moon. I read that book at least once every night for about 7 years straight. Some nights I had to read it more than once.

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